Papa Boo's Media Kit

We are happy to provide our company logos for certain approved uses, including:

  • As an official sponsor
  • Business documents
  • Plaques or signage commemorating one of our companies
  • Approved wearables and/or branded materials

Each of our logos can be downloaded below in high-resolution formats.

Once downloaded, please reference the below style guide for logo usage and style guidelines.


License Agreement
If the usage is approved as noted above, Papa Boo's grants you a revocable license to use Papa Boo's company logo in referential context to Papa Boo's, provided:

  • Your product or service name is independent from, does not resemble, and does not include a Papa Boo's company or name as part of its name.
  • Your product or service cannot be confusing to, or construed by, the general public as originating from Papa Boo's.
  • Your use must be presented in a way that is not false or misleading with regard to Papa Boo's.
  • You do not modify the Papa Boo's logo in any way.
  • Any reference or use of Papa Boo's logo cannot imply false endorsement, sponsorship, or association with you, your company, or your product or service and cannot be misleading, or derogatory to Papa Boo's or its corporate reputation.